Postage costs!

I posted off a couple of my wooden mice to a customer today. Since the new postal charges came in a few weeks ago, the cost of sending just one little mouse in a Jiffy bag by first class post has gone up to £2.70, nearly double what it was before. I used to think that was high, and it’s not even counting packaging costs. That is a large fraction of the cost of the item, because I don’t charge extra for postage. I had no option but to put up my prices for such small items, hope it doesn’t put customers off too much! I wonder if people would prefer a fixed postage rate? At present I include an extra item free with multiple orders to compensate for the extra postage cost built in to the price of each item.

In the workshop today, I have been making a couple of sycamore bowls. One has a dead branch embedded in the wall like a knot, where the wood grew over the stump, and there must have been trapped grit too because the bowl gouge blunted very quickly. But often, as in this case, the more difficult the wood, the prettier the finished bowl. The other has an interesting small bark inclusion right on the rim and ought to come out nicely. Both still need their bottoms turned.


About Terry

Terry has been turning wood in London for many years. He makes wooden bowls, cute little wooden mice and other gift items.
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