Today I added a new article to my turners’ pages, on setting up a woodturning workshop. I welcome comments. I hope it will be useful to anyone thinking of taking up turning as a hobby, though there is always a possibility that it might put them off when they see what is needed!

My next job was to make some improvements to my workshop dust extraction. I got some new hose and clips from Axminster Tools and used them to rig up a ‘vacuum cleaner’ extension at the lathe end of the workshop. This supplements a similar arrangement at the opposite end and should make it more convenient to clean up. I used a flexible elbow duct section (from a different supplier) for the new line, very ingenious, it has several swivel sections that can in theory make any angle for the elbow, but the swivels stick and it’s hard to adjust them. I managed eventually with a strap wrench and some talc to lubricate the joints.

I also finished the inside of another sycamore bowl and started work on a set of new globe stands.  The bowl is slightly spalted, no spectacular lines and patches this time, but a slight darkening of the colour. I think it will look good after oiling.


About Terry

Terry has been turning wood in London for many years. He makes wooden bowls, cute little wooden mice and other gift items.
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