Extreme turning!

Today, James brought the remaining two discs that I mentioned a couple of days back. I needed some help getting them on and off the lathe so I could reduce their diameter. One good thing that came out of it is that he thought of a way to make the lifting easier. Until today, I would screw the blank to a big faceplate then lift them together onto the lathe spindle nose. James realised that by inserting a steel rod through centre holes in each, they would align properly and the rod would support the disc while it was attached. So from now on, I shall put the faceplate on the lathe, insert the rod, lift up the disc onto the rod, then screw the disc and the faceplate together in situ. A much better method,  though still not easy. The faceplate is 1000mm and the disc is bigger than that.

These discs are components for large globe stands for Greaves and Thomas, James’s business. It is his policy always to use reclaimed timber, which is very good, but doesn’t always help the turner. One of these discs is made from very gritty wood, that I would not otherwise want to use. Today, while I did the turning, he was in charge of the sharpening. We had two gouges on the go. I was blunting one on the grit while he sharpened the second. The grit was so bad that it ruined the edge almost as soon as it touched the wood. Extreme turning! I was glad when it was finished.

I have also been working on an article on making chests of drawers for the workshop, to go on my turners’ pages.



About Terry

Terry has been turning wood in London for many years. He makes wooden bowls, cute little wooden mice and other gift items.
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