Giant pair of compasses

Today I added another article to my website, this time on how to make a giant pair of compasses to draw large circles. I have to do this quite often when marking out bowl blanks or laying out discs for globe stands etc. I was idly wondering what constitutes a single compass – is it just one of the arms? It’s like scissors. Or trousers. Why are they called a pair?

Next job was to photograph some new bowls. Uploading products on my website sometimes seems harder than making them. A pair of bowls, one in heavily spalted beech and the other in slightly spalted sycamore. The beech came from a ditch in a Devon wood. The log section had fallen there and been lying for a year or so in constant dampness. It was just on the verge of being too far gone and unusable, but that is often the point when it is at its best.

I also finish turned the mulberry bowl I made a few days ago, and another sycamore bowl. I shall oil them tomorrow and I’m keen to see how the mulberry finishes.


About Terry

Terry has been turning wood in London for many years. He makes wooden bowls, cute little wooden mice and other gift items.
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