Another style of turning

Different turners make different things. One thing I have never tried is segmented turning. This involves accurately cutting and assembling lots of small pieces of wood and turning an item out of the block so patterns become visible. There are some interesting examples including an impressive vase in bloodwood and holly here. A bit different from my work, and not something I am ever likely to do. I’ve often turned holly wood, but never bloodwood.

Today I finish turned the spalted hornbeam bowl I mentioned a couple of days ago, and put the first coat of oil on the mulberry one. That is always a good moment for me because it makes the grain and colour pop out. The mulberry is yellow/gold with a little green in one place. Still not finished though, it needs more coats and then buffing, will probably be another week.

I have also been working on another turning article for my web site, this time on wood dust and its dangers. Everyone knows that dust is harmful to breathe, but there are some misconceptions out there.


About Terry

Terry has been turning wood in London for many years. He makes wooden bowls, cute little wooden mice and other gift items.
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